Lighting up a Home Office

Expert Advice on Home Office Lighting

Point of View in the captain's chair

Home offices will spur more creativity when there is adequate and appropriate lighting. (Photo Credits)

Home office lighting can make a whole lot of difference when it comes to increasing productivity. After all who would like to work in an inappropriately lit room, nor who would like to get an eyestrain because of improper lighting?

Apartment Therapy shared tips that are applicable to both homeowners and those who are just renting. Electrical Association

“Start out by considering natural light. Where is your desk situated? If you’re lucky enough to have a sunny window, it’s a good idea to park your desk nearby it, or if there are no distractions, facing it. There’s something to be said for gazing out of a window while your brain is processing things at full speed.”

Read the rest of their tips here.

Assessing Lighting Options

Pottery Barn also came up with tips on ensuring great lighting for any home office set-up. Evaluating existing lighting options is one of the tips that they published in their website article. Electrician   

“Overhead lighting can be tricky. For example, a poorly placed spotlight can create an annoying glare, but a lack of overhead lighting can be just as distracting. Plus, overhead lighting doesn’t just complement your natural lighting and establish the room’s overall lighting level. It also presents an opportunity for you to add some style to your home office and create new focal points with your decor. For example, recessed lighting works well, but it can create hot spots and an unimaginative look. Instead, incorporate a flushmount ceiling light, an elegant chandelier or a sleek pendant to complement the decor of the office and illuminate your work space.”

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The Spruce meantime advises its readers maximize natural lighting in the room.

“Don’t overlook the unique benefit of natural light coming from a window, skylight or another portal. Sunlight can produce warm lighting that really improves the work environment. On the other hand, you may need to account for direct sunlight that creates overwhelming glare during certain times of the day. In general, it’s best to have natural light in front of or next to work surfaces and computer screens to avoid glare and maximize your outside views.”

Check out the rest of the advice here.

Improving the lighting in any home office can be efficiently done by any licensed electrician contractor.

All about Landscape and Outdoor Lighting

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All about Landscape and Outdoor Lighting

Installing lighting for gardens and the outdoor home space

Garden d'Lights 6

Outdoor lighting can best accentuate any landscaping job, or garden space. (Photo Credits)

When a homeowner wants his garden or lawn to stand out, even in the evening, then outdoor lights or landscaping spotlights are definitely in order. Electrician contractors are the best people for the job, but some homeowners may want to try their hand on DIY work for projects like such. Electrician           

The website Family Handyman came up with a comprehensive tutorial on what every homeowner has to know about installing garden lights. It emphasized that proper planning, and basic electrical know-how are a must before embarking on a project like this.

“Run an underground electrical line into the garden to power an outdoor light or a pond pump. Here’s the quickest and cheapest method for bringing power to a remote spot without tearing up your yard.”

Read their whole guide here.

Assessing one’s lighting needs

Home and Garden Television also came up with a tutorial that will guide any property owner who is interested in putting up his own outdoor landscape lighting. Electrical Association

“Before you invest in any landscape lighting, ask yourself what your purposes are for wanting illumination in your backyard. Perhaps you want to set a soft, romantic mood during the evening hours. Maybe you have a bench or a shadowy garden corner you need to illuminate for security reasons. A path leading through the garden may require landscape lighting to mark its boundaries. You might want to highlight some features of your backyard like a water fountain or pond.”

The continuation of the quoted article can be found here.

Related Electrical Repair and Installation Services: meantime emphasized that property owners should always exercise caution when undertaking electrical jobs like installing garden and landscape lighting installation.

“Before starting any electrical work, stay safe – get yourself a socket tester (or voltage tester for lighting circuits). They confirm whether circuits are dead and safe to work on. Check all finished work with a socket tester (or voltage tester for lighting circuits) before using. For your safety, these products must be installed in accordance with local Building Regulations. If in any doubt, or where required by the law, consult a competent person who is registered with an electrical certification scheme. Further information is available online or from your local authority.”

Read the whole safety guide here.

Outdoor lights are best installed by expert and professional electrician contractors who can ensure that the job will be done correctly, in the safest manner possible.

How to install additional lighting fixtures

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How to install additional lighting fixtures

Installation Guide

New Dining Room Light Fixture 007

Installing light fixtures safely. (Photo Credits)

Lighting fixtures add a touch of character to any home. Home spaces look different when light fixtures are changed or new ones are installed.

But how can one install or change light fixtures? American Lighting Association

Apartment Therapy came up with a tutorial on this. “Turn off the circuit breaker associated with your light. I operate on the paranoid end of the fear scale when it comes to electricity, so don’t mess with me on this. If you’re not sure which breaker operates that particular light fixture, do this project during the daylight and turn the main breaker off. Or get comfortable with a headlamp.”

Read the rest of the step-by-step instructions here.

Step-by-step instructions also published a comprehensive guide in installing and replacing lighting fixtures. Like Apartment Therapy’s article it emphasized on safety and ensuring that the electrical source for the lighting fixture that one will be working on should be turned off. Master Electrician        

“A permanent fixture may have a plate that will be connected to the two screw holes on either side of the box, and I find it’s easier to have that done before connecting the wires (particularly on a heavy fixture that will need to be supported while wires are being connected. Wires may be connected to the fixture in different ways. In this case, the wires are wrapped around screws to make a connection. There may also be wires (of corresponding colors) in the fixture that would be connected to the ceiling wires with wire nuts.”

Read the continuation of the instructions here.

Related Electrical Repair and Installation services: also came up with an instructional guide on changing light fixtures. “When home improvement plans call for new lighting, there are several options from which to choose. Surface-mounted, track, and recessed fixtures all come in a wide variety of styles and price ranges to suit many different lighting and budget needs. But to make them work, you have to get the power to the lights, which means running wire.”

Bookmark the whole guide here.

The best recourse though for installing new lighting fixtures is to commission the services of a qualified electrician contractor to ensure the whole household’s safety.

Electrical Safety Measures during Typhoon Season

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Fixing a Flickering Light Bulb

What to do with Flickering Light Bulbs


When the lights flicker, get down to the issue. (Photo Credits)

Flickering light bulbs can be a hassle, but it may also be an indicator that there is a deeper issue in a home’s electrical system. Electrical Association   

There are a number of reasons why lights go off and on intermittently, and for each reason, there are corresponding solutions.

The website for instance explained that flickering lights may mean that there is a voltage problem. This, it says, merits a call to the electrician.

“If your lights flicker when you turn on an appliance with a high wattage, the reason could be because the voltage in your home is fluctuating too much. If the flickering lasts longer than the use of the appliance, this could be a symptom of a more serious electrical issue. Other signs that the voltage in your home isn’t right include lights that dim unexpectedly or that frequently burn out. Electricity typically flows into homes at around 120 volts. Although a little fluctuation is normal, your home should always be supplied with between 115 and 125 volts.”

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Indicator of a more serious electrical concern

The echoed the same sentiment saying that a bigger electrical problem could be causing the intermittent lighting. Electrician 

“Flickering lights are normally not cause for alarm. But sometimes they can indicate a more serious problem. Constant or severe drops in lighting can result from loose connections. Faulty wiring connections create points of high resistance, which can generate unsafe levels of heat. Old breakers can also cause flickering. Similar to your home’s electrical systems, the wiring in your breakers can go bad over time. Faulty breaker wiring can short and overheat, which can cause flickering. Always call a pro to address these problems.”

Check out the rest of the material here.

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SF Gate meantime shared some ways to troubleshoot a flickering light bulb that s not malfunctioning becaise of a deeper electrical issue.

“Check the outlet where the lamp is plugged into. The outlet may be bad and incorrect contact with the electrical prongs may cause the lamp to flicker. Plug the lamp in at several different outlets and test the lamp. If the flickering stops, the outlet was the culprit.”

Read about the other measures here.

flickering light bulbs could either be a minor electrical concern, or a clue to a major electrical issue.

Common Electrical Wiring Problems

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Common Electrical Wiring Problems

Electrical Wiring Issues

Shadow play

When electrical wirings do not work. (Photo Credits)

Electrical wirings is an important electrical fixture. Once issues develop it can either cause more complications and electrical problems which can be expensive.

Professional help is definitely needed once these issues come up, but it is important as well that homeowners will have an idea about what is going on, or what possible problems can arise.

Home-Repair Central explained why electrical wiring is important and that a lot of issues can happen given its huge role in ensuring electrical distribution in the house.

“There are numerous items in your home that have electrical wiring. Outlets, lights and appliances come quickly to mind. Some items use low voltage, others use a lot of power, like an electric range. There are two key issues with electrical wiring. The first is the wire itself. Wiring usually runs inside the walls and ceilings of your home. The power runs through the wire and is controlled by a panel box that contains circuit breakers. The second item is the connections that determine where the power goes. The connections are inside of the boxes that devices like outlets and lights are hooked to.”

Read the continuation here.

Wiring Issues in an Old House

Old homes are notorious when it comes to electrical wiring issues. And why not? Some of its wiring systems are even outdated and could even violate present day electrical codes.

The blog This Old House interviewed an electrical expert and they enumerated the many wiring issues owners of older homes may face. Electrician

“Don’t be alarmed if the inspection turns up code violations. Each time the electrical code is revised, old wiring is “grandfathered,” on the assumption it was installed correctly. Code only requires you to update wiring in rooms being gut-renovated. To help you assess the state of your own electrical system, we’ve asked Gallant to identify the 10 most common wiring problems he sees, the dangers they pose, and his recommended solutions.”

Check out the whole interview here.

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The website Family Handyman meantime shared ways to rough in home electrical wiring systems. Electrical Association  

“Plastic boxes and flexible nonmetallic cable (commonly called Romex) put electrical wiring projects within the skill range of every dedicated DIYer. In this article, we’ll show you some basics—how to position outlet and switch boxes and run electrical cable between them. We won’t cover many other details. For help with circuit design and making connections to your main electrical panel, we recommend you consult a licensed electrician.”

Read the continuation of the post here.

Electrical wiring issues are always a possibility in any home. It is important to have at least basic knowledge about it to stay safe.

Electrical Cable 101

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Electrical Cable 101

All about Electric Cables

Wire service

Electrical wires have different types and uses. (Photo Credits)

Getting informed about the different types and features of electrical wires will greatly help when it comes to maximizing the use of the cable, and being aware of safety protocols in using it.

The website Do-it-Yourself initially explained the difference between a wire and a cable. Electrician             

“Wire itself is different than cable. Cable actually refers to two or more wires or conductors grouped together in a jacket. Wire is grouped by gauge number, running from 0000 to No. 40. The smaller the number, the thicker the wire. For home use, the most common gauges are between 10 and 20. While larger wire carries more current, forcing too much current through a wire will cause it to overheat and trip a breaker. Larger wire is also just generally unnecessary for home use. The most common conductor in home wiring is copper or tinned copper because it has minimum resistance at reasonable cost. Wire is also characterized by letters that correspond to the insulation type and electrical capacity.”

Read the whole article here.

Cables and Wires

The website enumerated and explained the many types of electrical cables. One type that it expounded on is the rainbow cable. Electrical Association

“A ribbon electrical cable (also called multi-wire planar electrical cable or flat twin cables) is made up of multiple insulated wires running parallel to each other. These parallel wires allow the simultaneous transmission of multiple signals of data. According to ‘Optical Communications Essentials,’ a typical ribbon cable consists of four to 12 wires. It is commonly used to interconnect network devices. Ribbon cables also connect the motherboard with other core CPU (central processing unit) components in computers.”

Take a look at the continuation here.

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The website The Spruce meantime described the many colors and functions of electrical wires.

“The five basic color schemes used primarily in home construction are white, yellow, orange, black and gray. Actually, black is used twice, but it is used for two different wire gauges, so beware when selecting the appropriate wire size. These colors are the solid color of the insulation housing cover that coats the insulated and non insulated individual wires within.”

Know more about the subject in the post here.

Knowing more about electrical wires and cables can help in ensuring electrical safety around the

Electrical Hacks that can help lower utility bills

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Electrical Hacks that can help lower utility bills

Lower Power Consumption is Possible

Who will be able to keep the lights on?

Take control of power bills. (Photo Credits)

Electrical bills can become a huge chunk in any household’s budget. The good news is every homeowner can take charge of their consumption if they become more cautious about how they consume electricity in their respective homes.

Many web resources have come up with great advice on how to lower electric bills through simple electrical chores or improvement projects.

“Turn off your power strip that your electronics are connected to. Even if your electronics are turned off, they’re still sapping energy. They’re called “vampire devices” because they keep a little bit of electricity going so they can respond more quickly to things like being turned back on. By turned off the power strip you effectively cut off all electricity to your electronics so they don’t use electricity without you knowing.”

Read the whole post here.

Investing on an upgrade of appliances

The website Make Use Of details some ways on lowering utility bills through factors the homeowner himself have control over. Electrician   

“By far the most energy-intensive operation at home is cooling and heating. We all want to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, but the associated costs can pack quite a punch. The average home attributes 40 to 60 percent of its energy consumption to thermal regulation. The usual steps for cutting costs include installing energy-efficient models and properly insulating your walls and windows.” Check out the material here.

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Taking time to take a homeowner’s electrical exam if one lives within a State that allows such will also help in lowering electric bills and professional fees. The Spruce made this suggestion in one of the many articles they have published. Electrical Association  

“Certainly, the safest route is to hire a qualified, licensed electrician. My guess is that the localities are trying to be practical about the matter. They know that homeowners may sometimes try to do their own wiring, often with disastrous results. By offering this option, the localities are adopting a middle-ground approach. It’s not as good as a licensed electrician, not as bad as no-nothing DIY electricians wiring their homes and starting fires. The homeowner’s electrical exam allows for the municipalities to set some kind of standard for the would-be electricians.”

Read the whole material here.

There are many ways to lower electrical usage, and it is best to know what those are that are within the control of homeowners. There of course are major electrical repair projects that can help save up on electrical costs – these are best left to licensed expert electrician contractors.

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